Celebrating Success - Y4

Numeracy May 2018 - please click on the thumbnail to view at full size
Year 4 maths challenge examples: Here are two examples of maths challenges completed during the lesson as part of an extension once the children had finished their workbook work. This was entirely independent; an opportunity for the children to stretch themselves with SAT’s style questions and in depth explanations.

Literacy May 2018 
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The three skills for this unit were to successfully use subordinating conjunctions, to use the past progressive correctly and to correctly punctuate possessive apostrophes. Emaan has brilliantly used all three skills while also using skills previously taught throughout the year.

In our most recent piece of writing, Natalia has successfully used all three of our skills, which included using similies, using emotive language and punctuating speech correctly. Natalia also utilised previous skills taught.