Celebrating Success - Y2

Literacy May 2018 - please click on the thumbnail to view at full size
Sammah has worked exceptionally hard on this piece of  writing. She has worked on her handwriting as well as writing sentences independently. Sammah listened well to the feedback she received and was able to up level her work by adding noun phrases and using the taught skill 'until'. Sammah should be really proud of this work as it shows the outstanding progress she has made from the beginning of the year. Well done Sammah!

This term, Justin has worked extremely hard to be the best writer he can be. He has definitely worked hard and every aspect of writing! From using interesting word choices, to a range of punctuation, Justin has continually checked and edited his work to the best of his ability. Justin has not only worked on the content of his work, his presentation has also improved hugely. He has been working hard in handwriting sessions to become a very neat writer who uses joined handwriting in his work. The 'icing on the cake' for Justin would be his creative, and often unique, ideas and views he expresses through his writing. Quite possibly a Shakespeare of the future! Well done Justin! 

Literacy March 2018 - please click on the thumbnail to view at full size
This half-term, Year 2 children have been writing non-chronological reports. In this piece of work, Alexey has designed his own monster, The Sea Davel. He has used features of a report correctly, such as sub-headings, paragraphs and facts instead of opinions. Highlighted in pink are the past tense verbs and contractions that Alexey has used to achieve the WALT. Alexey has also achieved many of his own personal targets in this piece of writing, such as question marks, conjunctions and commas, which have been highlighted in purple. He will continue to work on including more suffixes, such as -ful and -less in his next piece of writing.

Numeracy May 2018 - please click on the thumbnail to view at full size
This term Hawwa has been working really hard in maths. Her confidence in the subject has improved and this is evidenced in the piece of work shown here. She is now independently able to divide by 2, 5 and 10. This piece of work showcases the progress Hawwa has made from the beginning of the year and she should be really proud of herself.

I am proud of Zahra's work as she worked extremely hard to achieve the learning objective. Her work is outstanding because it is well presented and she was able to find the missing numbers in multiplication and division equations using the inverse operations. Using her knowledge about the times tables and the inverse Zahra was able to solve "I am thinking of a number" one step problem. Well done Zahra and keep up the good work.

Numeracy March 2018 - please click on the thumbnail to view at full size
Anaya produced outstanding work in Maths; she was able to solve division word problems using pictorial representation and her knowledge about the multiplication facts. She also recorded number sentences and used calculations showing how she worked it out. Furthermore she carried out an investigation and she found out that she could not share 17 counters equally into 5 groups explaining that 17 does not belong in the five times table.