About Us

The Montem Vision outlines the culture, vision and values that we expect every member of our academy community to aspire to and uphold at all times – children, staff and families. Everything we do will be in the spirit of The Montem Vision – learning, attitudes and behaviour. By following the high expectations defined by The Montem Vision, everyone will have the best possible opportunity to achieve their best and develop their talents and skills.

What is The Montem Vision?

Our vision

Outcomes for our children
Montem Children are:

Our Attitudes and Behaviour
The school has the following three rules which the pupils and staff are expected to follow at all times and in all circumstances.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

How will the Montem Vision be celebrated?

  1. Montem Champion ( Award for good citizenship)
  2. Principal Award (Awarded to pupils in recognition of their achievements and success
  3. Attendance awards (Awarded weekly to the class with the highest attendance and termly to pupils who have 100% attendance)